Our Perfumes

Our perfumes are created in micro batches. Each fragrance is formulated, diluted, aged for a 12 week maceration, filtered and bottled by hand. Our batches are kept small and therefore made to order. We use only the finest aromatic materials and botanical essences. Our fragrance compositions use Artisan crafted, 100% Organic Grape Alcohol. Since our perfume bases are hand tinctured, our fragrances remain uniquely authentic in their creation and contain nature’s most precious raw materials.

Our perfumes are inspired by every day moments in time. From the day to day memories to the romantic, fūm offers an olfactive homage to life’s incredible moments, big or small. Our bespoke and signature fragrances are created to capture the memories of the wearer; each scent as an olfactive memoir. 

The language of scent can connect communities and transcend time. 

We think that is pretty remarkable, which is why we are so passionate about perfume!